Welcome to Plum® News  Featuring ProtectaCap® Pediatric Protective Headgear.
In addition to discussing child head safety, we will address many issues concerning the optimal health and wellness of children.

Few moments are as magical as watching your little baby stand up by himself for first time. Indeed as young parents we are so proud that we can’t even imagine that every other child,  or indeed any other child, could be capable of such an astounding feat!

But it doesn’t take long for our pride to give way to fear and constantly running interference to protect our amazing toddler, who despite his brilliance and unbridled enthusiasm is, let’s face it, clumsy.

As they learn to crawl or walk, they trip, fall and roll—and it’s not uncommon for toddlers to hit their heads in the process on something in their way. And let’s face it, everything is in their way!

One cause of the frequency of toddler head injuries is that the toddler’s head is his center of gravity, proportionally larger than the rest of his body, and hence can easily propel him forward or backward.

We want them to have freedom to explore, almost as much as they do. But we also want to protect our toddler’s head in the process. And frankly, we could all use some peace of mind.

We wonder whether all the bumps, falls, tumbles, and “mild” head injuries are serious, or could be serious long term, especially when our child gets up and keeps going.

The short answer to that is: Yes.

Overwhelming research points to the fact that kids’ head bumps, falls and “minor” head injuries can result in impairing their development. It takes longer for a child to recover from head injury. Moreover, children who suffer a concussion are also more likely to have another concussion, with increasingly more serious consequences. Protective headgear for babies, toddlers, and small children is necessary to keep them safe and active.

The challenge is to find a safe, comfortable way to protect your child’s head with proven safety, soft, breathable comfort, and a lightweight custom fit that won’t slide around.

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® Protective Headgear for Kids was engineered for safety and designed for the unique head protection and comfort needs of babies, toddlers and preschoolers… and also for the peace of mind of their parents.