Plum’s® Pediatric Protective Headgear
Designed Just for Little Kids

Plum’s® Pediatric Protective Headgear
Designed Just for Little Kids



All you want is to keep them safe from the dangers of head injury.
And with good reason… Every 15 seconds a traumatic brain injury occurs.


Plum’s®  ProtectaCap®  is the Lightweight, Comfortable,  Custom-Fitting Protective Helmet Kids Love to Wear!



Everyday Fun and Safety for Kids…
Peace of Mind for Parents!

ProtectaCap® is the Pediatric Protective Helmet Chosen by Children’s Hospitals for its Proven Safety Effectiveness & Lightweight Comfortable Custom Fit. 

ProtectaCap® Pediatric Protective Helmets are Engineered and Designed Specifically to Meet Children’s Critical Head Protection Needs:

Proven Safety Effectiveness & Lightweight Custom-Fitting Comfort.

      Plums®-ProtectaCap®-Babies-Size-1. Plums®-ProtectaCap®-Size-2-Denim.

Plum’s®  ProtectaCap®  protective headgear is prescribed and recommended by the nation’s top pediatric neurosurgeons for autism, epilepsy, head banging, seizures, cranial surgery, craniopagus twins, and anytime superior, lightweight, comfortable custom-fitting protective headgear is indicated.


  • Child head injuries, a serious and growing problem. Traumatic brain injury occurs most often in newborns to children age 4.
  • Concussions in small children are often overlooked but can lead to problems later, such as epilepsy, alcoholism and Parkinson’s.
  • Babies’, toddlers’ and preschoolers’ unsteady gate and unbridled energy can cause frequent head injuries from falls.


  • In small children, the head is their center of gravity.  So adding more weight with a heavy helmet can increase the risk of falls.
  • Pre-molded hard helmets can slide around on the child’s head, blocking their vision or causing a fall forward or backward.
  • Proper protective headgear for little ones must meet certain criteria: comfortable, lightweight, secure fit, with proven safety.

The Plum® Solution to the Serious Problem of Childhood Head Injuries

ProtectaCap®… The Pediatric Protective Headgear for Kids Designed to Meet Children’s Critical Head Protection Needs for Active Kids, Special Needs and Post-Surgery

  • Comfortable, Secure Custom Fit
  • Fully Encased in Cotton Blend
  • Weighs Only a Few Ounces
  • Full Head Coverage & Protection
  • Proven Safety Effectiveness

Plum's® Protective Headgear for Kids

  • Opens & Expands Around Ears
  • Comfortable Adjustable Chin Strap
  • Conforms to Child’s Head Shape
  • Comfortable Enough for Sleeping
  • Easy Care Wash & Dry, Anti-Microbial

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® Protective Headgear for Kids
Size 1 : 13.5″ – 16″

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® Protective Headgear for Kids
Size 2 : 16″ – 18″

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® Protective Headgear for Kids
Size 3 : 18″ – 20″

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® Protective Headgear for Kids
Size 4 : 20″ – 22″

Prescribed by Healthcare Professionals

Plum® Children’s Hospital Protective Helmet ProtectaCap® is prescribed and recommended by leading healthcare professionals for epilepsy, hypotonia, seizures, cerebral palsy, post brain surgery, head banging, craniotomy, balance concerns, craniectomy, hemophilia, craniopagus twins, developmental disabilities, ataxia and autism.

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® is also available in Adult sizes with the same lightweight, comfortable, custom fit. The same criteria that are so important for small children are just as critical for adults:  Superior Safety Effectiveness and a Comfortable Lightweight Custom Fit.

ProtectaCap® helps adults with Parkinson’s, balance concerns, seizures, unsteady gate, Alzheimer’s, fear of falling and Huntington’s to stay safe and active.  ProtectaCap® keeps hospital patients safe from the dangers of head injures from falls and provides peace of mind to hospital care givers.

What Our Customers Say about Plum’s® Protective Headgear for Kids

Plum® Love ProtectaCap® ProtectaHip® ProtectaWrap®

Plum® ProtectaCap® Love

My daughter wouldn’t wear anything on her head. But Mallorie loves her ProtectaCap®! She even sleeps in it. It’s a wonderful cap. It’s the only thing that has kept my daughter from frequent emergency room visits and fatal blows from seizures. We thought it sounded too good to be true. But what a big difference it’s made. We know she’s not going to get hurt

J. Miller

My daughter’s been wearing ProtectaCap for the past 7 years, since she was 14. It’s worked great and protects her ears and sides of her face. We’ve machine-washed it repeatedly and it’s lasted wonderfully.

E. Wolff

I just want to thank you so much for your assistance in obtaining the new cap for Tina. How frustrating this can be for parents! We truly are grateful for the ProtectaCap® and Tina even asks to have it put on! There is no amount of money that could pay for the protection the ‘Cap gives Tina’s head and as you can see she looks adorable in it! Thanks again for your caring and your excellent product.

S. Moister

ProtectaCap+Plus® has helped my son  who has  drop seizures  so he can work.  It’s a great product.

U. Poonawala

My daughter’s doctor prescribed ProtectaCap+Plus® for my daughter, Catherine.  She’s been wearing it for years. Great product!

P. Bryant

ProtectaCap® is  perfect for our little ones in our early childhood program. It’s an excellent product.

P. Furhman

ProtectaCap® was prescribed by my daughter’s doctor at Jefferson.  She loves it and wears it all the time even when she’s sleeping.

D. Weil

 Plum® Children’s Hospital Protective Helmet ProtectaCap® and Fall Protection Clothing for Safety, Health & Wellness for All Ages

Plum® specializes in head protection and fall injury prevention. Our fall protection clothing is engineered for superior safety and designed for exquisite style, amazing comfort and cost-effective durability.  Plum’s®  Exquisite Ergonomic Protective Wear provides Protection against the 3 Main Areas of Injuries from Falls:

  • Plum® Head Protection:  Plum’s® ProtectaCap® Custom-Fitting Protective Headgear for Kids and ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced Fall Safety Protective Helmets for Adults.
  • Plum® Hip Protection:  Plum’s® ProtectaHip® the Original, Award-Winning Fall Safety Hip Protector in Various, Attractive Styles and all Sizes for Men & Women.
  • Plum® Extremity Protection:  Plum’s® ProtectaWrap® Ergonomic Protective Splints with Customized Compression, Range of Motion and Fall Protection for Knees, Elbows, Shins and Forearms.


           Plum…   Freedom…   Safety…   Empowerment.    For Life.®


Plum's®_ ProtectaCap+Plus®_Protective_Helmets

ProtectaCap+Plus®  Helmets

Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced Fall Safety Helmets earned the Highest Fall Protection Rating among all helmets and materials tested by the Veterans Patient Safety Center.  Plum’s® Innovative Protective Helmets provide Advanced Safety Effectiveness with Reinforced Forehead & Back of Protection plus a Comfortable, Ergonomic Fit. Top-Anchored Chin Straps ensure Safe, Stay-Put Protection.  Removable Plus Pocket™ Covers are Easy Care Wash & Dry for Anti-Microbial Safety. ProtectaCap+Plus® easily adds ProtectaChin® Guards.  For more ProtectaCap+Plus® Information see:  Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced Fall Safety Protective Helmets.


ProtectaHip® Hip Protectors

Plum’s® ProtectaHip®  is the Original, Award-Winning Hip Protector Awarded by the American Society on Aging: “ProtectaHip® is the Simple Solution to the Serious Problem of Hip Fractures.” Choose ProtectaHip® for the Best, Longest, Unmatched Record for Safety, Comfort and Dependability. ProtectaHip® is engineered for superior safety effectiveness and designed for amazing comfort and in five attractive styles for men and women. Choose ProtectaHip® for your Freedom, Safety & Empowerment to Enhance the Quality of your Life.  For More ProtectaHip® Information see:  Plum’s® Award-Winning ProtectaHip® Hip Protectors… Best Safety, Comfort & Durability.



ProtectaWrap® Protective Splints

Plum’s® ProtectaWrap® Protective Splints provide Comfortable, Customized Compression, Adjustable Range of Motion and Fall Safety for Knees, Elbows, Shins and Forearms.  Injuries to the Extremities are the 3rd Highest Type of Fall Injury.  Plum’s® ProtectaWrap® is Continuously Adjustable to Customize your Optimal Compression & Range of Motion for Preventive Protection & Proper Healing.  ProtectaWrap® is Engineered with a Superior Safety Core for Fall Protection where you Position it. For more Information on Plum’s® ProtectaWrap® Protective Splints see: Plum’s® ProtectaWrap® Protective Splints with Targeted Fall Protection